OWL 2 in Gellish Expression Format

OWL 2, the Web Ontology Language defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a modeling language with a limited amout of defined semantics and without user terminology. Gellish Formal English is a superset of OWL 2. All the concepts in OWL 2 have their equivalent in Gellish Formal English, whereas the upper ontology section of Formal English (TOPini) defines also additional semantic concepts. The OWL 2 Primer document of W3C describes various formats in which OWL expressions can be formulated. The free downloadable amended OWL Primer document describes how statements in OWL can be expressed in the tabular Gellish Expression Format. By applying that format, the user gets additional capabilities to express contextual facts (metadata) for each statement.

The amended document demonstrates that the tabular Gellish Expression Format is also an OWL format. Thus, statements that can be expressed in one of the other OWL formats can also be expressed in Gellish Formal English format, whereas the semantics of OWL should be extended to enable to express the semantic richness of Gellish Formal English.

Indirectly the amended document also illustrates how Formal English expressions can be expressed in various OWL formats, such as XML and RDF.